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Rockstar Wrestling is a unique social media variety series that brings together the larger than life world of professional wrestling, the raucous lifestyle of the music industry, and the engaging mature content of a primetime cable television series.


Rockstar Wrestling: "Ashes to Ashes

[01.01.14] "Came Back Haunted"

Everything you ever knew about professional wrestling is about to change.

“There is not enough time in the day to take in all the awesome art forms out there. We hope by mashing up wrestling, music, and premium television shows into our own twisted brand of bite-size entertainment that we’ll make it easier.” said series creator and executive producer Mike Goodpaster. He added, “It’s not just a video to pass along to friends and family, it’s an experience like no other.”


In 2012, the initial steps were taken to launch Rockstar Wrestling. While premature in production, this blueprint helped shape the direction Rockstar Wrestling would take. These are those demos.


DEMO FILES: "The Blueprint"

Rockstar Wrestling is currently casting for wrestlers and performers for season one.

Rockstar seeks trained professional wrestlers and interested performers of all artistic mediums and entertainment fields who have a desire to perform outside of the normal boundaries of professional wrestling.

We’re looking specifically for Chicagoland performers.

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